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When I see massage with Lauren on my calendar, I smile just knowing I have this to look forward to!! What a treat it is! Time with Lauren not only allows time to escape the day to day and whatever your mind is on etc... it physically changes the way the body feels inside and out. Her techniques are authentic and done with skill and knowledge of human physiology required to actually provide true and lasting benefits from massage. I have experienced many massages at fancy hotels, cruise ships and the like - but Lauren takes a massage to a much more professional level, listening to you and actually contributing to real lasting health of your body - not just a moment of pleasure with fancy oils.

Regular visits to Lauren keep me feeling healthier. She is someone you can trust with your body, while enjoying the peaceful serenity of her studio.

Best massage therapist I've ever had! I recommend her highly.

~Paula P Guilford, VT

I am so grateful that Lauren has landed in our community. I have been looking for a massage therapist I could work with consistently to address some repetitive stress injuries I have in my body. The first time I saw Lauren I was immediately struck by her impressive knowledge and mastery of her craft. I have been working with her for a few months now, and my respect for her as a massage therapist has only grown. She has helped me to untangle some patterns in my body that have been in place for a very long time. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and anybody who is blessed to find themselves on her table is in very good hands.

~ Ciri Gillespie, Yoga instructor, Brattleboro, VT

Lauren is an amazing practitioner

of her healing art and science. I've been seeing

her for several orthopedic issues. As a former

teacher of human anatomy and physiology, I've been impressed with Lauren's detailed knowledge and understanding of the specific muscles involved with my issues. Her therapeutic massages have often made more improvements than the PT exercises! Last month I treated my 20 year old black-belted grandson to a session with her, and he was so impressed that we scheduled a second one before he returned home to California! So she is as effective with an athletic youngster as she is with this sedentary octogenarian grandpa! She's got a wonderful personality and her home studio is a lovely, peaceful place to visit,

adding to the intangible value of the session.

I can't recommend her highly enough.

~ Ben Wise, West Chesterfield, NH

I always look forward to my massages with Lauren.  She provides a medically therapeutic massage in a professional, relaxing environment.  Her skills and expertise go above and beyond my expectations.” 

~ Katina Martin, Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Midwife, Salisbury, VT

Lauren Welsch is absolutely outstanding as a massage therapist. I like someone who can work deeply on my muscles and trigger points. Lauren is strong and extremely skilled in helping with acute or chronic discomfort. She impressed me with her knowledge of healing and her variety of massage techniques. She is at the top of my list in terms of smart, effective, highly therapeutic massage therapists. On top of all this skill, Lauren is warm and charming. You are lucky to have her now in the Brattleboro area!

~ Joanne Corbett, Middlebury, VT

I highly recommend massage with Lauren.

She is extremely skilled, attentive, and consistent, and

very intuitive with regard to what the body needs. I always look forward to massage treatments with Lauren, and am never disappointed. She truly is a skilled healer, and provides helpful insights with regard to treating areas of tension. It’s a gift to your body and soul to receive a massage from Lauren!

~ Tammy Parker, Monkton, VT

A massage with Lauren was always an opportunity to let go

of stress and worries, and get to a state of deep relaxation. She always found the sore points in my back and neck and worked

them through skillfully and with great compassion. She also helped me pay closer attention to my body and gave great tips on posture, exercise and stretches, and how to live a healthier life.

Regular visits to Lauren kept me calmer, pain-free, and feeling healthier. With massage, you literally put yourself into someone’s hands. Lauren is someone whom I trusted completely. She and her home are the epitome of serenity, so just walking into her home starts the process of relaxation and healing.

She’s the best massage therapist I’ve ever had.

I recommend her highly!

~ Cheryl Whitney Lower, New Haven, VT

I have a back that is prone to “going out”.  I was given Lauren Welsch’s name as “the best massage therapist in the county” by a friend who had actually been to almost every massage therapist in the county.  I myself had had one good experience and a few bad experiences seeing others, and was a little nervous about seeing anyone at all.

Lauren was, without a doubt, the best massage therapist I have ever visited.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that my back has not gone out since I started seeing her.  She is sympathetic, thorough and very in tune with what keeps a body in balance.  I have to say, her massages felt like magic to me!  I was so thrilled with her work that I brought my daughter to see her, and have recommended Lauren to every one of my friends.  She is truly the best!”

~ Margaret C., Middlebury, VT

I have tremendous gratitude for all of my clients. If you would like to add your kind words and experiences, email them to Thanks!

I had the pleasure of Lauren’s massage expertise while she was living in Middlebury, VT. She had a warm, inviting room set up in her home, where, at my first appointment, she set me up with a warm foot soak while we were getting to know each other. She took a thorough medical history, including ways that massage had helped me in the past, and asked me what my goals were for treatment. At each subsequent appointment, she took time to find out how my body responded to the previous massage and what concerns I had on that day. She customized my treatments to respond to those concerns and took notes before and after each session which allowed for progressive continuity of care.

After giving me privacy to undress and crawl between the warmed, flannel sheets, she began each session by placing heated bean bags on the back of my neck and shoulders and would move the warm bags around as she worked different areas. They were luxurious! She offered me aromatherapy, with products she makes, at the beginning and end of each session and she uses a completely non-greasy lotion so I did not feel the need for a shower at the end of each session.

I have used several massage therapists in the past 20 years and Lauren’s technique, knowledge and personal approach far exceed those of anyone else I have used. My husband and daughter both became regular customers of Lauren and I referred many other people I know to her. Every one of them agreed that Lauren was an exceptional therapist with a welcoming and comfortable environment in which to relax and rejuvenate. If you have been used to chatting through your massages, however, be prepared to enjoy a mostly silent time on her table. She gives all of her energy to your body while you are there and you will find it to be exceptionally satisfying.”

~ Marilyn Fuller, Middlebury, VT

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