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Helpful Information


When scheduling massage keep in mind that there will be additional time involved. The amount of time you request I consider to be the hands on portion of the appointment. I communicate with each client before and after every treatment to discuss how their body feels, changes they notice, to get feedback about what techniques were most effective for them and to suggest educational and self care information. Generally, I recommend people add 15 minutes to their treatment time for the total session. For example, if you schedule a one hour massage you can expect that the total time in my treatment room will be 75 minutes or more.

I encourage clients to choose appointments times that allow them to feel the benefits of their session for as long as possible. Having to rush off to a stressful meeting or do strenuous physical activity after a massage is not ideal. Being able to relax, hydrate and take a hot bath is a great way to help enhance and make more lasting the mental and physical benefits from the massage treatment.

Treatment Techniques

At the beginning of each session I discuss the client’s goals and will employ a variety of treatment techniques to reach them. I have studied and have experience in numerous techniques and enjoy discovering what works best for every individual. Clients may remain passive and relaxed or agree to participate in more active modalities. Range of motion, stretching and resistance exercises may be incorporated to help unwind, lengthen, strengthen and realign muscles and joints. Subtler therapies like cranial sacral work and energy work can provide deep relaxation and help motion, release and fluidity in the body on a different level.

I primarily use organic coconut oil as a lubricant. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and absorbs quickly into the skin and so does not leave a greasy feeling at the end of a session. I have other natural body care products and lotions at hand for anyone who prefers not to use coconut oil.

Often during injury treatment sessions I will employ hydrotherapy – the use of heat and cold – to help facilitate healing of damaged tissue. Heat can increase circulation and help prepare muscles for deep work. Short applications of ice packs after therapeutic work can help decrease pain and inflammation in healing areas.


Health History

All first time clients fill out a health intake form. This information is kept confidential. It is important that clients honestly disclose all their current medications and medical conditions, as well as past broken bones, accidents, illness and surgeries. Returning clients are expected to update me about changes in their medications or health.



I work with clients at their comfort level and encourage them to let me know their preferences with regards to pressure, technique, position, temperature and even music. Empowering clients to speak up about what they feel is a crucial part of my job. I always want to work with clear boundaries. Asking questions and getting feedback about what during a session is effective allows me to tailor treatments to each individual.

Table massage clients are asked to undress in private to their level of comfort before getting under the sheet and blanket on the treatment table. During the session, only the part being worked is exposed, while the rest is modestly draped. For those more comfortable wearing clothing, I suggest something that stretches and is close fitting.

A body cushion, bolsters and various pillows provide support and comfort in many positions, during pregnancy, after injury and to accommodate all body shapes and sizes. A heated table, blankets and small warmed pillows help clients stay cozily warm throughout the session even on the coldest of days.

Clients are invited to choose from the variety of music I have or to bring their own to accompany their session.

Fragrance Free

I am one of many people with sensitivities to body care products with chemical fragrances such as perfume, cologne, hairspray, lotion, laundry soap, etc. Please avoid use of such products on massage day or make an effort to wash them off before you arrive.

Natural aromas from the essential oils of plants usually do not trigger sensitivities and can be used therapeutically as aromatherapy during sessions. If you are unsure about a product, read the ingredients and if it contains the word “fragrance” please do not use it on the day of your massage.

Thank you!

Referrals and Consultations

I encourage everyone to seek a diversity of health care support providers. There are many knowledgable and talented practitioners in the region. I will gladly refer you to someone else if I believe their treatment would compliment the work I do and/or provide you with additional techniques suited to your goals. 

Consultations and case conferencing with other providers will occur only with prior permission from the client.




Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you are unable to make your scheduled appointment time, please contact me immediately. If you are late, your massage time may be shortened accordingly. If you fail to show up for an appointment without contacting me in advance you will be expected to pay for your missed session.

If you are feeling ill with a cold, flu, fever or other contagious condition please stay home, take care of yourself and reschedule your appointment with as much notice as possible.

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