Chair Massage

An upright, portable massage chair allows clients to be fully clothed and receive massage in any environment.  Sessions focus primarily on the upper body and can be energizing as well as relaxing or provide injury treatment to a specific area. Outcall fees apply.

20 minutes – $25

40 minutes – $45

In the Workplace

Offering chair massage as a benefit or break option can improve the morale, health and productivity of people in the workplace. A quiet 6×6 foot area is all that is needed. An empty office or conference room works great. In offices where an employee is willing to act as the scheduler for employees who pay for their sessions, regular weekly, monthly or quarterly programs can be arranged. Or, a business can choose to treat employees to a massage break occasionally in the office.

Events and Fundraisers

Offering chair massage at an event can be a fun way to say thank you or pamper your co-workers, friends and loved ones. Birthdays, reunions, holiday parties, fundraisers and other celebrations are excellent opportunities to provide chair massage.

  • Reduced fees can be negotiated for chair massage services at fundraisers.
  • Costs may be discounted for groups of 6 or more people.
  • Hourly rates can be negotiated for an event if an employer or individual is paying for all guests to have the service available.